Whole Food Fiber

Fiber is an essential part of any healthy diet and is an important part of the purification program.

While the Whole Food Fiber is preferred in most cases, your health care provider may recommend Gastro-Fiber (Capsules) in place of Whole Food Fiber (Powder) during your purification.  Both help soften the stool, promote a healthy gut, and maintain healthy lipid and blood glucose levels already in normal ranges.

The amount of Whole Food Fiber in one bottle should be enough for 30 days depending on scoop size.  If you are adding 1 scoop per shake (2 SP Complete shakes per day) you will have enough Whole Food Fiber to last 15 days or so. If you find you really like the Whole Food Fiber feel free to contact your health care provider to obtain another bottle.  This product can be used long-term and is wonderful!

To learn more about Whole Food Fiber and Gastro-Fiber, click on the links below to download the Standard Process “Tab Sheets”.

Whole Food Fiber Product Detail Sheet

Gastro-Fiber Product Detail Sheet